Pink Boots

Pink boots is an upcoming online shoe store that boasts of the best collection of trendy boots. They want to take pride in connecting every customer with the boots they love. They are inclined to providing the best shipping and hassle free returns.

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Client Brief


Pink Boots is looking for an e-commerce website as its sole endpoint of business. They want an elegant and modern website to represent their collection of trendy and stylish boots.

Target Audience

Pink Boots wants to target all boot lovers irrespective of their experience with boots. They want to focus on people looking for special boots to celebrate an occasion or gift it to their loved ones.

Communication Strategy

  • Design a logo that connects to boot lovers and also to their brand.
  • Easy to use interface for shoppers to find and buy the boots they need.
  • Use modern and elegant typefaces.
  • Add an instagram gallery to show current trends.

User Flow

I started by mapping out the user workflow for shopping boots in the website. This helped me come up with the necessary webpages and the flow between them. I added a lookbook page with all the latest trends in boots.



After coming up with the list of pages for the website, I started brainstorming for the relevant content on each page. I added multiple teasers like new arrivals, lookbook and gallery on the homepage for the users to start shopping. I also decided to showcase the product with a lot of images so that the user gets a feel for them.


Type Study

I chose Abril Fatface for headings for its refined touch and elegant appearance. Its good color and high contrast attracts reader attention. I paired it with a couple of modern and easy to read fonts, Dosis for smaller headings and Roboto for body copy.


Color Study

I decided to use pink color because of the name of the website “pink boots”. I used pink for headings and highlights. I complemented it with black for body copy. For background colors, I used two shades of gray.



I developed the fully responsive website using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. For image gallery in the homepage I used a jQuery library, Photo Swipe.


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